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ExperQuiz is a global solution bringing evaluation throughout your enterprise HR processes.

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Some prices excl tax per year
100 users
2 000€
20€ per user per year
400 users
7 200€
18€ per user per year
1 000 users
16 800€
16.80€ per user per year
10 000 users
135 600€
13.56€ per user per year
Training centers
Some prices excl tax
100 trainees
3€ per trainee
500 trainees
1 320€
2.64€ per trainee
1 000 trainees
2 520€
2.52€ per trainee
5 000 trainees
10 980€
2.19€ per trainee
Schools and universities
Our offers are tailored to all your needs, with the best rates on the market
Create and manage questions and questionnaires
Create and manage evaluations
Create and manage users
Dashboard and results analysis
Unlimited storage and activity
Upload questions & users files
Manage groups and permissions
Create & manage trainings
Create & manage e-learning modules & paths
Export all results to Excel files
Deliver customized Pdf certificates
Analyze quality and reliability of tests and questions
Dedicated set up
Unlimited support
9h-17h CET
Synchronize with ERP / HRMS via APIs
White label

Pricing and Guidelines

Prices are based on the number of active users expected by the enterprise. Active users are named users (employees, clients, trainees, contractors, etc.) registered by the enterprise.

The number of potential active users is the only parameter that intervenes in the pricing. Specifically, the number of question bases, of questions and questionnaires, the number of tests passed, of trainings organized, of evaluations set up, of administrative access are all unlimited. When terminating a subscription, the client may recover all data (question bases and users) within a one month period.

If you believe our pricing policy does not meet your needs adequately, please contact us.

Free Trial

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When you register, you are allowed a free trial period that includes the full range of features corresponding to our Enterprise offers.

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The Enterprise Pack includes the basic features allowing import and export of question bases and users from office document files, managing trainings with administrative documents and dynamic activities, e-learning modules and e-learning path, APIs for synchronizing the evaluation platform with HR or ERP software You may use the following price calculator: enter the total number of users that you are training within a given year.

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Training Centers

Training centers commonly offer courses to trainees. Administrators are permanent users, so a full-time administrative user amounts to 12 user-months.

You may use the following price calculator: enter the total number of trainees that you are training within a given year.

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