ExperQuiz is a complete and efficient solution dedicated to the assessment and management of knowledge. It is based on the quick and simple design of questionnaires, with attached course materials, and their availability to employees, either as self tests, or in the course of training sessions (face to face or remote).

Your questions

**No training is required, ** you can start writing your questions right-away. You can also upload existing questions from office text documents.

  • 13 different question patterns
  • Insertion of media
  • Attached course materials
  • Explanations for each question
  • Reminder for each question
  • Time control settings per question
  • Difficulty level
  • Questions assigned to domains
  • Question import through file upload and APIs

Your questionnaires

You can build surveys or tests.

You can build your own surveys by choosing from a wide variety of fields, add conditions to make them adaptative.

You can build your own tests by picking from your questions.The resulting questionnaires can be made freely available for playing, or remain private

  • Free access, as part of a self-learning tool
  • Managed access, in a knowledge assessment approach
  • Generation of static as well as dynamic random questionnaires
  • Double random shuffle (questions / answers)
  • Time, score, level conditions customisable
  • User feedback form available on each question
  • Rating given by users to improve the quality of questions
  • Management of certifications and diploma
  • Customized design of test player page
  • Adaptative learning

Your trainings

You set up and schedule your trainings, you add the course materials and questionnaires that will be used. Invite participant who will have access to materials and tests in their personal workspace when the trainer makes them available, or in the course of the training.

  • Trainer panel and tools
  • Duration, date, location
  • Attached documents and tests, free to play, or on invitation
  • Management of participants (invitations, presence)
  • Management of the agenda and the training process
  • Results immediately available, with multi-axis analysis
  • Chat and dynamical activities on a shared blackboard
  • Flipped classroom

Your e-learning modules

Create your e-learning modules by selecting course materials and questionnaires that will compose the module steps. You may define the conditions that apply to each step.Invite participants or share the module that will be accessed by users in their personal workspace. Participants will be guided all along the module.

  • Questionnaire for training or evaluation
  • Media (video, audio, pdf, ppt ...)
  • Conditions of success (success rate, attempts, duration...)
  • Attached documents and tests, free to play, or on invitation
  • Invitation of participants
  • Results
  • Export of results with adaptable settings
  • Learning modules path

Your results

Results are immediately available, with a detailed view on overall knowledge or per-domain breakdown, a weighed grade and ranking, as well as certification.

  • Multi-criteria calculation of results
  • Global dashboard results or per user detailed drill-down
  • Per question data and analysis
  • Certification mode
  • Diploma
  • Data export to office spreadsheet format


ExperQuiz lets you manage a complete user database for your enterprise, that may include employees, clients, contractors, training participants and more.

  • Monitoring of user activity, tests and results
  • Email invitation to participate
  • Bulk import through Office spreadsheet upload or APIs (SSO)
  • Management of groups and access rights
  • Analysis of the training activity


At a glance, you can monitor the extent of your questions bases, the progress of knowledge, the results of trainings within your enterprise

  • Question database, with a validation process by experts
  • Questionnaires and evaluations
  • Passed and upcoming training sessions
  • Users and groups


A solution that is available right-away, easy to use and extensible, rapidly deployed to meet your needs

  • Software as a Service
  • No technical installation
  • Accessed on desktops, tablets and mobiles.
  • Secure data
  • Personal workspace for each user
  • Multi-lingual
  • Individual passwords
  • Managed by enterprise administrators