Learning & Assessment Solution

A full-featured LMS, with a focus on assessment

Create evaluations and certifications easily

Add interactive tools to your trainings

Design and deploy e-learning modules

Manage skills and qualifications

Design and submit surveys related to your trainings

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A comprehensive solution to build and deploy objective evaluations, make trainings more efficient, foster the sharing of knowledge and build up expertise.

Learn differently, at your own pace

Organize your questions in domains so as to bring a precise assessment of skills and domains to be targeted. Your freely available tests make dynamic learning tools that may be used any time.

  • 13 question types
  • Explanations and course reminders* Customized personal review pages

Assess and map skills

Deploy evaluations simply and on a large scale in order to make employees feel secure in achieving their mission. Quickly target the needs for more training.

  • Remote evaluations
  • Immediate results and charts
  • Personal overview or group assessment

Plan and animate your trainings

Prepare and schedule training sessions. Add evaluations before and after, as within your trainings, so as to keep attention focused by diversifying activities. Analyze results on the spot to adapt the goals and methods* Publish course materials and tests * Submission of tests at the trainer's initiative * Assessment of the quality and effectiveness of training

Deliver regulatory certifications

Implement a rigorous testing and certification system to meet the regulatory requirements for your business areas where you have a duty to ensure that employees and suppliers have the required skills and knowledge

  • Complete traceability of processes and results
  • Adjustable certification threshold
  • Elimination questions

Stimulate the will to learn

Make questionnaires and course material freely available and let everyone be autonomous and gain self-confidence. Motivate your team members that can challenge each other, bringing a social and playful dimension to their learning experience.

  • Private result and progress pages
  • Charts to track one's progress
  • Customizing tests and battles

Share knowledge, capitalize expertise

Encourage your employees to share their knowledge by writing questions. Enhance the quality of your question bases with a comprehensive tool for expert validation of questions** and handling of user feedbacks.

  • Writing and validation of questions
  • User feedbacks
  • Complete statistics on questions

2 months free trial

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13 question patterns

Complete possibilities for materializing knowledge and varying user experience

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High performance questionnaires

Questions classified by domain, with customized difficulty level

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Quick and easy writing of questions

Simple and intuitive entry and validation by experts

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Training planning

Integration of training materials, training tests to prepare for certification.

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Immediate evaluation

Complete traceability with detailed results, statistical analysis.

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Free access questionnaires

Define the access rights to the questionnaires for each of your user groups

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Customization of tests

Define the tests according to the progress of each user

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Social dimension

Challenges between team members and sharing results

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Teaching aids

Learn and review in a personalized space

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Integration to your IT environment

Import your questionnaires and user database, export results to HR or ERP software

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Responsive interface

Desktop, tablet, smartphone, customized to your colors

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Guaranteed security

Confidentiality of tests and security of the data

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