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Aug 21, 2023

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The attendance sheet makes it possible to meet legal obligations and digitalization offers an enriched and fluid experience to learners, trainees and trainers.

Electronic signature for professional training

For the vast majority of vocational training players, keeping track of the learners’ attendance is an essential subject!

With the rise of digital learning technologies, attendance remains a crucial subject but involves changing certain practices: no more paper and pen which now give way to the digital signature on mobile, tablet or computer.

The online attendance register makes it possible to offer a seamless experience to learners and simplifies the work of trainers. The digital format guarantees perfect traceability and history of attendance sheets. Signature sheets can therefore no longer be forgotten or misplaced.

However, it is necessary to rely on an efficient tool to digitize the signature process.

The Signatures feature

ExperQuiz offered a digital attendance sheet feature that was integrated into the training courses.

The Signatures feature goes beyond and allows the digital signature to be used outside of a training session. The goal? Offer greater flexibility to trainers while simplifying their work!

Trainers will be able, in just a few clicks, to create digital attendance sessions and then ask their learners and trainees to digitally confirm their presence, during or after each training session.

The attendance sheets are then stored on the ExperQuiz platform and can then be downloaded in PDF format!

Discover the Signatures feature in video:

Online attendance sheet by ExperQuiz

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