Will AI replace trainers?

Jun 2, 2023

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With the arrival of OpenAI innovation, ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is at the forefront and we now know that all sectors will be impacted fairly quickly. The world of training is obviously not spared.

Will IA replace trainers ?

Will AI replace trainers?

No, of course, training is above all a human affair and exchanges between people. The role of the trainer is and will remain crucial regardless of technological advances.

However, artificial intelligence can make the trainer's work easier and more efficient: allowing him to create richer and more complete educational resources, assisting him in correcting the productions of learners, and refining the decisions of adaptive learning to always be closer to the needs of each learner.

AI will allow the trainer to focus on the essence of his job, which has the most value for learners: pedagogy. AI is simply a new work tool and an ally that comes in support of the trainer.

It is with this in mind that ExperQuiz develops and offers tools based on artificial intelligence that can be used by trainers to enrich their various training courses.

AI in the ExperQuiz digital learning platform

The question and answer generator

Beyond the measurement of knowledge, assessments are undoubtedly a powerful tool to enable learners to assimilate knowledge on a long-term basis, and even more so when combined with a micro learning approach.

However, it can sometimes be cumbersome for a trainer to create formative assessments since it is necessary to constitute a base of questions with right and wrong answers and to vary, if possible, the types of questions used.

To help trainers in the creation of assessments, quizzes, MCQs, ExperQuiz provides a question and answer generator which, depending on a given subject, will propose a list of questions with the correct answers and distractors, in other words, wrong answers.

The assistant for correcting open-ended questions

Unlike MCQ questions, open-ended questions do not require you to think and set right and wrong answers. However, this type of question requires significant correction time on the part of the trainer, who must read and analyze each answer from each learner one by one.

This heaviness keeps trainers from using open-ended questions, which are nevertheless useful in particular for analyzing the learners' capacities for reflection, restitution and synthesis.

To allow trainers to make more use of open questions, ExperQuiz offers a correction wizard that will analyze each answer automatically and propose a correction. The correction must still be validated or modified by the trainer before it is applied.

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